St. Valentine’s Day

TreeWith Flowers Page 12Today is a day where we wish everyone love, with love usually being of the romantic kind. When I see this picture, it represents love to me. The tree that supports all kinds of love and life: family, friends, earth, the animals, birds and insects on the planet, and the planet herself. To have a day that represents love in all its guises is to ask us to remember what that feels like.

Love is not many things, such as judgment, criticism, separation and superiority. Love is an open heart. A great exercise for this day is to think of someone or something that is not lovable, to your mind, and just open your heart to their heart. Lay judgment aside, and simply send love, wishing for that person or place to feel your love. Breathe into it. That’s all there is to it. You don’t have to get a response, but you will feel loving and that adds to the positive energy going out to the planet. Practice this every day and you will find that your reactions to the negative things happening around you will get smaller and smaller. And by the way, I am sending you love!

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  1. Jamie Barone says:

    Oh this is so beautiful, Therese. I absolutely Love this and will practice this each day. I am also going to teach this to my children. What a beautiful way to Love. Thank you. ~Jamie

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