Thoughts on Loving Ourselves

pe0070978.jpg  Today has been a strange synchronicity of blogs and notes and meditations that all turn to the same subject: loving ones self. In the first example, the writer agonized over the “evil little voice” that spoke to her of her imperfections and whether or not–not–anyone could possibly love her if they knew who she truly was. I am currently participating in a 21 day meditation with Deepak Chopra, and the subject was loving our self. Recently I wrote about the silencing, at least temporarily of our ego voice, and these three things came together in a great Aha! moment for me. I put this orchid photograph here because the orchid is not trying to be beautiful or desirable or right in its place because it just is. The difference? The orchid doesn’t have that ego voice in the head that tells it that it is not beautiful; not desirable; not right in its place. I often recommend a little visual trick that I received as an image one day when fighting the loud voice in my head. I saw it as a large, loud, barking dog who just wanted attention. The barking was drowning out anything else that was trying to come through. In contrast, the observant soul has a very quiet voice, and was running underneath the sound of the ego. I learned to visualize myself sending the dog to the corner of the room for a nap, telling it I would listen later if it still wanted my attention. Then, I breathed deeply into my heart and asked the voice of my soul to come in. Aaah. That voice, whatever you call it, is the one who says you are beautiful inside and out, a creation of love and purpose. While the ego is busy trying to tear you down so you won’t take chances and get hurt, or whatever, the soul is steadily watching to see if you are loving your life and giving your best self. That’s totally all that matters in this world.  The takeaway is that the voice of the ego is not you. The ego is fearful and desires that you stay in your small place. Recognize it because it is the loud voice that overwhelms your better self. When you hear that loud negative sound, just send it to the corner. It is not you. Blessings!

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